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Noriko Sakamoto is a bilingual (English and Japanese) TV/Film editor based in NYC/Tokyo. 

Since her early career at NY Times television working on Trauma: Life in the ER, Noriko has honed her ability to work quickly with producers to create stories out of footage. In recent years, Noriko has pursued opportunities in scripted film and enjoyed editing her first scripted feature, A Year by the Sea with Karen Allen. Noriko executive produced and edited The Reception, a recently completed, scripted short with Richard Kind and Skipp Sudduth.

Having grown up in Japan with native fluency in Japanese, and having built a career in the United States, Noriko has used her experience to work with material for both audiences. As director and editor of The Heron and the Geisha: A Life in Dance, and more recently as an editor on Queer Eye in Japan and Sparking Joy with Mari Kondo for Netflix, she is uniquely positioned to provide insight on projects with American or Japanese content for audiences within the United States and Japan. 

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