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Our Latest 

The Reception is a short film starring Richard Kind and Skipp Sudduth. Written and directed by Sean Sakamoto, edited by Noriko Sakamoto. 

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Free Life Coach

Get free life advice: A deal at twice the price! 

What is Thought Launcher?

Thought Launcher is a media company that takes ideas, fuels them with feeling, and launches them into the world. Whether it's two men talking Buddhism on the last day of their lives, or someone buying a dress for the big day, we're passionate about connecting with people through storytelling.

What does Thought Launcher do?

We create stories from start to finish, for film, television, and the web. In documentary, we write treatments, in narrative we write scripts and screenplays. In post-production, we story produce and edit. And in content strategy we create case studies, client stories, social posts and more to help clients tell the stories they need in the most effective way.

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